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Chris here. Well, just wrapped up our first official food show in Brooklyn last night - The Good Food Mercantile. I had a great time seeing a bunch of the buyers and store owners that we work with on the east coast, and meeting plenty of new ones.

I love seeing people try our snacks for the first time;  I still get nervous because Bee's Knees Food Co. is my baby and we use recipes that I personally created. Even though I'm not an "artist" I completely understand what they might feel like when people look at their work.

It was also great meeting a bunch of food producers that I admire and loved trying their amazing products. I've been eating some amazing food since I've been here in NYC.

Huge thank you to Philosophy Foods, who has been helping me navigate through this entire weekend of food shows and the after parties. I definitely couldn't have done any of this without you.

Also, a huge thank you to Provenance Food & Wine for giving us some excellent wine crates for our tabletop display. Without you, our table would have been flat & boring!


(photo courtesy of Mark Weinberg Photography)